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User or Usability Testing

Run effective user testing sessions and usability studies with this sample meeting structure
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Prototype Link: 

User Name: 

User Background: 


What is being tested?

What is being measured/evaluated?


Running the test


  • Give your users context (e.g. image you’re using this app in a real-world situation
  • Recordings are confidential and for internal purposes only
  • You’re not being tested. It’s the design.
  • Thank your users and remind them you’re asking for feedback because you’re eager to improve your user experience

Example questions to ask

  • I noticed a bit of hesitation there, what stopped you?
  • What do you think this button is going to do?
  • What’s most appealing about this product?
  • What’s the hardest part about using this product?
  • Was there anything surprising or unexpected about this product?
  • What could be done to improve this product?
  • What may be missing? What else would you like to see?
  • What do you like/dislike about the way it works?
  • How do you think this product is going to help you?
  • Would you use this product today?
  • Why do you think someone would use this product?


Positive Highlights

Negative Feedback / Concerns

Other Feedback

Key Insights

Notes / Quotes for Marketing

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User or Usability Testing

User testing is a critical part of any good design process. It’s also highly dependent on what product or digital experience you are trying to test. So, acknowledging that there is no perfect template that will cover every user testing scenario, this example usability testing meeting agenda is designed to be a good starting point for you to craft your own user testing plan.

Before any user testing session, make sure that all of your project information is clearly noted, and that you have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve in this exercise. Note specifically what is being tested and how it is being measured, whether that be qualitatively or quantitatively. All of this should be done before the user testing even begins.

Then, when it comes to the test, you will want to give the user an introduction to what you are trying to achieve, thank them for their time, and set them up to be a successful and helpful tester.

User or Usability Testing

At this point, the instructions that you give them will be entirely up to you and what you’re trying to test. As they go through the instructions, it’s often useful to ask questions to learn more about their motivations for one decision or another. Example Questions for a usability test are included here but there are many other great questions that you might want to ask.

During, or after the meeting, you will want to summarize the key takeaways for the rest of the team and for yourself later. There is space for these summaries at the bottom of this sample agenda.

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