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All-Hands Meeting

Engage and align your company with a thoughtful, powerful team meeting
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Company Vision

  • Start every all hands by reiterating the company vision — where we are at, what we believe, and where we are going.

Key Metrics

  • Look at high-level metrics and explain what they mean in the context of the business and the broader market in general.

Customer/employee updates

  • Invite leads from teams/departments to provide brief updates. Focus on high-level ideas and customer anecdotes.
  • Make an effort to include new learnings — what has gone well, what hasn’t, and how that changes things.

Deep dive (Important topics & large-scale changes)

  • Optional agenda item for occasionally drilling deep into something that is happening at the company. Examples include changes in strategy, positioning, and hiring/restructuring.

AMA (Ask me anything)

  • Leave time at the end of the meeting to answer employee questions.

Appreciation reward

  • Many companies like to honor teams or individuals during their All Hands. Often these awards are peer-nominated and do not come from the executive team.

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All-Hands Meeting

Because the all-hands meeting brings everybody in the company together, it’s one of your most valuable meetings, but also one of your most costly. That’s why you should take extra effort to make sure you’re all-hands meeting is put together for maximum impact for everyone attending.

Start every all-hands agenda with a section that covers some aspect of the company vision. As a leader, you can never talk about the vision and purpose of your company enough. Then, having said that stage, move on to data, bringing in key metrics that illustrate where you’re at and where you are going.

To further emphasize the trajectory of your company, this is usually a good opportunity to provide updates from teams and departments. Make sure to include customer stories here when you can, as well as challenges that you have faced in what you have learned.

If there’s time, taking a deep dive into a single important topic toward the end of the meeting can be a way to engage the collective intelligence of your company, as well as teach everybody new ways to think about problems and how to solve them.

At this point many all hands meetings end, but it’s always good to end on a high note, and one that improves the culture of the organization. That’s why this sample agenda has an open ended question the section, as well as an appreciation award for teams or individuals is a great positive moment to end on.

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