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Initial Partnership Meeting

Get the essentials for a successful partner meeting with this tried and tested template
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Introduction (2 slides)

  • Intro Slide -- summarize your business with clear metrics and elevator pitch
  • Priorities Slide -- your priorities on one side, your thoughts on Partner’s priorities on another side

Partnership Section (4 slides)

  • Partnership Vision --  “sell the long term dream”, graphics a plus
  • Benefits to the Partner -- detail why your ask would be good for THEM
  • Example of Past Partnership -- prior Partnership you’ve done + success metrics
  • Proposed Next Steps

Appendix I -- Company Background (up to 4 slides)

  • Three incremental intro slides
  • One Slide on your company response to COVID-19

Appendix II -- Current Company Partnerships (up to 4 slides)

  • If any relevant 

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Initial Partnership Meeting

Successful partnerships are a high-risk, high-reward part of a startup’s go-to-market strategy. In order to use this template correctly, you must have a clear idea of WHAT you want from the blue-chip Partner and also how you can help THEM. Partnerships can be company-changing but can be very resource intensive as well. You must start with Partnerships with companies where you are fairly sure you will be able to help them -- not just where they will help you. You also need a clear picture of what success looks like coming out of this first meeting and onto the next.

Initial Partnership Meeting

About the author

Art Levy

Art Levy

Art Levy is currently VP of Business Development at Brex, in charge of Channel and Strategic Partnerships. He joined Brex in January 2019, six months after the public launch of the product, to build the team and strategy behind Brex’s Business Development. In the past 18 months, Brex has brokered key partnerships with blue-chip Partners including YC, Amazon Web Services, JetBlue, Zoom, Trinet, First Republic Bank, Slack, Apple and Netsuite. Partnerships now drive close to 40% of Brex’s new revenue each month. Arthur started his career at Centerview Partners in tech investment banking, and has spent the last ten years operating and investing at companies including growth fund VMG Partners, e-commerce startup Teespring and hedge fund Ziff Capital. Arthur is a graduate of Princeton University and is based in Brex’s New York City office.

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