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Product Marketing Brief

Nail your product launch with this best practice product marketing template from Shopify
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Product Overview

Target Audience

  • Specific, animate detail about who we’re talking to and they’re state of mind related to the product launching

Core Benefits

  • List each one using bullet points for easy reference

Marketing Strategy

Key Audience

Core Message

Not copy, but the primary message you want all channels to convey.

Value Proposition

Value Prop #1:

  • What are we selling?

Value Prop #2

  • What makes it valuable?

Value Prop #3

  • What is the positive impact?

Secondary message

  • Use sparingly. Try to keep your messaging single minded.


  • Key things to be aware of.

Channel Plan

  • Channel | Tactic | Owner | Due date
    e.g. Email Marketing | Create a series of emails for the product launch to send to priority customer accounts | Josh | March 20

Success Metrics

  • [Project name], led by [marketing champion name] aims to increase [primary metric] from X per week to Y per week within Z weeks or by [date].

For example:

  • Awareness (increase site traffic to XX page reviews)
  • Acquisition: (increase installations by XX)
  • Activation ( increase % of referrals)

Key Dates

Projected launch date:

Comms launch date:  

Key Insights & Data



Any relevant charts or data

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Product Marketing Brief

When you're ready to share your product updates with the world, your product marketing strategy is your recipe for success. This product marketing brief is how Shopify gets their team informed, aligned and motivated for each product launch. This template should serve as the source of truth for your team for each product launch by compiling all key details, channels and success metrics. Everyone should walk away with a clear idea of the product changes, value proposition, messaging, target audience, marketing channels, success metrics, and individual responsibilities.

Product Marketing Brief

About the author

Delyn Simons

Delyn Simons

Delyn is a Director of Product Marketing, Platform at Shopify. She has expertise in the supply and demand of app marketplace platforms. In 2010 Delyn created the Mashery API Network, an open data commons of RESTful APIs and an ecosystem of hundreds of thousands of developers who build web and mobile applications. She has also held positions at Atlassian, Firewood, Ionic Security, Intel Corporation and eBay.

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