Weekly Team Meeting


Generic template to help run productive, efficient team catch-ups.

Weekly Team Meeting
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Wednesday, August 17, 11.00am - 11.30am


What are the three key objectives for the meeting. What do you want to achieve in this forum?

Updates from the team
Allow each member of your team to share what they've been working on, key challenges, wins and information they feel others should know.

Priorities for the next week

What are the team priorities for the next week?


What should the team walk away knowing? What needs to happen after the meeting?

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How to use this template

Run better team catch-ups, and ensure that every minute spent with your team is a source of actionable, valuable insights.

With this simple template, you can ensure that your team is across the information you need them to know and what's coming up next.

Hugo is a common platform for your team to save and share meeting insights, in real time.
From your meeting notes, Hugo enables you to break down silos and bring everyone into the conversation - whether or not they were in the room during the meeting!
Connect your team in seconds
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