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BANT Sales Qualification Call

Qualify your sales prospect based on budget, authority, needs, and timing
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💰 Budget and priority

  • How does this solution fit in with other priorities that may impact your budget?
  • Is this solution a nice-to-have, need-to-have, or a must-have? 

🧳 Authority and decision making

  • Who are the key stakeholders (i.e., users, managers, execs) in this buying decision?

🙌 Need and impact

  • What problems are you hoping for this solution to solve?
  • What impact might solving these problems have on your business?

🕰 Timeframe

  • What are your time constraints for implementing this solution?
  • When do you need this service to be live? What happens if it’s not live by then?

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The Art of the Customer Meeting
The Art of the Customer Meeting
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BANT Sales Qualification Call

Implementing BANT for Your Sales Calls

BANT stands for Budget, Authority, Need, Timing. Though many organizations adapt the model to mean slightly different things, the original model looks like this:

  • Budget: What is the prospect's budget?
  • Authority: Does the prospect have decision-making authority, or is she an influencer?
  • Need: What is the prospect's business need?
  • Time frame: In what time frame will the prospect be implementing a solution?

This BANT sales call agenda template is a great start in building out your sales process. You may want to add additional questions to your template from the list below.

BANT Sales Qualification Questions


  • How much would you spend on similar products/services?
  • How much money is budgeted for this solution?
  • What quantifiable goals will this solution help you achieve?
  • What have you spent in the past on similar solutions?
  • Is this one of your company’s top priorities?


  • Who else will be involved in this decision?
  • How does your company typically make buying decisions like this?
  • Who else should I invite to the next meeting?
  • How do you fit into the decision-making process?
  • Which priorities is your team most focused on during the evaluation process?


  • How did you come to identify our product/service as a potential solution?
  • What are the most significant pain points you’re looking to alleviate?
  • What problems are there in your current process?
  • How might this service/product impact your team beyond [customer’s stated need]?


  • How long have you been considering similar solutions?
  • Are you currently signed on to any contracts for other solutions?

BANT Sales Qualification Call

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