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Design Workshop

How Miro prepares their plan of attack at their design workshop‍ meetings
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Note any documents that need to be reviewed or activities that need to be completed before the workshop.


Focus on the customer’s experiences. Prioritize them in order of severity and choose one or two to focus on. Resist the desire to skip ahead to “fixing” until you have organized the problems you are going to solve.

Solutions Brainstorm

It’s time to figure out how to solve the problem, design the flow, or develop the plan.

Brainstorming tips:

  • The more ideas the better!
  • Don’t worry about how feasible an idea is just yet (Expensive ideas may lead to other ideas that fit your resources)
  • Provide sketching materials. Encourage everyone to visualize the solution
  • If the group is large, break into smaller, cross-disciplinary teams and then report ideas back to the group

Size & Prioritize

List your potential solutions in the following format --> Solution | Impact | Effort

  • Rewrite all site copy | medium | medium
  • Leverage API to automate enrollment | medium | large

Do we need to...

  • Gather more evidence? (Can we understand the problem better?)
  • Explore alternate solutions? (We loved these solutions but they’re too big. Let’s find a quicker fix to fit our timeline)
  • Research solution size in more detail? (We need more information to understand which solution requires less effort)

Next Steps

  • @name Task by DUE-DATE

Parking Lot

Store topics and ideas that are out of scope or beyond reach for this workshop.

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How to use this template for your next

Design Workshop

Use this framework for a long-form design session where you and your team want to dig in deep on a specific issue. The meeting agenda follows a simple flow: preparation, brainstorming, prioritizing, "do we need to..." (sanity check), and logging your next steps.

It's also important to also use the Parking Lot throughout your meeting, which is at the end of the agenda. The Parking Lot is where you put good ideas or questions that are off-topic. You don't want to lose these precious ideas, but you don't want to be distracted by them either.

Design Workshop

About the author

Andrey Khusid

Andrey Khusid

Andrey Khusid is the CEO and founder of Miro. Miro has over 4.5 million users across thousands of the world's most successful and innovative companies. In 2011, Forbes Magazine called RealtimeBoard (Miro’s previous name) “a virtual whiteboard on steroids”. 

Prior to Miro, Andrey was the Founder of Vitamin Group, dedicated to digital technologies, graphic and product design, branding, video production, and multimedia projects.

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