Creative Brainstorming

Experience more eureka moments with this creative brainstorming session meeting agenda

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Overview & Objective

State your project’s audience and objective in a clear and focused way.

State the Ground Rules

Brainstorming is a place and time where anything goes. Rules:

  • All ideas are welcome. Negativity is not.
  • Build on ideas. Don't shoot them down.
  • Do not censor yourself. Just say it.
  • Encourage participation from everyone
  • No interruptions from outside.

First Half: Brainstorm

Start sharing ideas. Note them somewhere where everyone can see (whether that be a poster, whiteboard, or in your Hugo meeting notes in the highlighted area below). To keep your creative juices flowing you may also want to provide toys, coloring books, magazines, doodling pads etc.

Halftime: Refine

Stop and take a vote on each idea. Thumbs up or down. Toss the ideas that lack support.

Improve on the Best Ideas

Look at the best ideas from halftime. Ask if there are ways to improve them, or come up with ideas that are similar.

Brainstorm Round Two

Once you’ve covered each of the good ideas, generate more new ideas just as you did at the beginning of the session.


Next Steps

  • @name Task by DUE-DATE

How to use this template for your next 

Creative Brainstorming

This sample meeting agenda gives you a step-by-step process to run a creative brainstorming session. Included in the template are instructions designed to help make your brainstorming as creative as possible.

A brainstorming session is going to be the most productive if it starts with a clear goal. Before the meeting even begins, state the project’s audience and objective at the top of the meeting agenda. This explanation doesn’t have to be in great detail, but it should be clear and actionable.

After that, it’s a good idea to remind all participants of the best practices for any given brainstorming session. You want ideas to flow freely, so even if everyone at your meeting is accustomed to brainstorming, reiterating these rules is an excellent ritual to help get everyone in the right frame of mind.

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