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Marketing PR Meeting

Engage your audience with this sample marketing agenda focused on media, content, and events.
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Marketing PR Meeting
,  Wednesday, August 18
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What’s New

Share any new developments with the business/product that the PR team may not be aware of.

News Pipeline & Media Relations






Events & Awards

In Consideration


Next Steps

  • @name Task by DUE-DATE

How to use this template

Whether you’re a PR agency or an internal marketing team, you can use this sample meeting agenda to keep your PR activities humming along. 

One key to making this agenda work for you is to fill it out in advance. There are a lot of status updates included here, which can bog down any meeting. To avoid that, fill this example in with brief bullet points, and then share your completed agenda with everyone at least one day before the meeting. Then, when it’s time to sit down with everyone, you can race through the updates and focus on decisions and challenges that need to be addressed.

It’s good to kick the meeting off with a quick update on anything that is new or that the team may not be aware of. This serves two purposes. It gets everyone’s attention, immediately focusing the meeting. It also reveals potential PR opportunities that you may not have yet considered. The rest of this meeting will dive into the nuts and bolts of various PR activities.

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Illustration of silos

Next, we’ll move through three of the main functions of PR: news, content, and events. Separate the content of these sections into what has been achieved and what is still being worked on. Even if you don’t spend a lot of time on what has gone live, listing it out helps give the meeting a sense of forward progress.

As you go through the meeting, if any action items come up, there is a spot at the end of the agenda template for noting the next steps. Put tasks there, including who is responsible, and a due date if you know it already.

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