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Content Planning Meeting

Keep your content marketing engine running with an agenda template that focuses on ideation and planning.
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Content Planning Meeting
,  Wednesday, August 17 (note)
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What topics do we need to cover now? What key themes are important?

  • Review recent success stories with your customers
  • Look at trends happening in the industry
  • Where are the current content gaps?


Open discussion. There are no wrong answers. 

  • List ideas here

Deciding priority

Decide what ideas to move forward with. What projects should have priority.

  • Paste all projects that you’ve decided to move forward with here


Return to the above list, adding who will be responsible and when. Assign and send tasks to your project management software, or use @-mentions and manually note due dates.

How to use this template

This sample meeting agenda is designed to help a content marketing team to brainstorm ideas, select the best ones, and then schedule the work. Effective brainstorming begins with a quick exercise around what themes and topics are the most important. You will want to look at both internal and external factors. 

Internally, where are the gaps in your content program right now? Are there key SEO terms you’re missing? Do you lack content focused on any particular stage in the marketing funnel (awareness, consideration, etc..) 

Externally, talk about what is going on with your customers and in the industry in general. Are there areas where you can be particularly helpful? What skills do your customers need to be successful that they don’t have?

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This same meeting agenda then moves to what is usually everyone’s favorite part of content marketing: brainstorming. Remember that there are no wrong answers, no bad ideas. Sometimes something wacky or outlandish will lead to a practical idea, so note everything down.

The rest of this content marketing meeting agenda template focuses on cleaning up the list of ideas and making it actionable. Prioritize the best ideas and assign or schedule them based on your resources.

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