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Weekly Marketing Meeting

Enjoy this proven meeting agenda template for routine marketing updates and weekly planning
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Celebrate wins

  • What are victories we can celebrate, big and small?

Goals & metrics to review

  • Put all relevant metrics in the agenda here, or add links to reports/dashboards

Roundtable - Recap last week

  • Each person briefly runs through bullet points of what happened

Priorities for next week

  • Discuss and agree on priorities for next week
  • All priorities should have a DRI (directly responsible individual)
  • Note any decisions that need to be made
  • Are there any opportunities to test our marketing hypotheses or optimize our digital experiences?

Where are we stuck/blocked?

  • How can the team help unblock each other so we can sustain a high velocity?
  • Are any priorities blocked or dependent on other work being completed?

Action Items

  • @name Task by DUE-DATE

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How to use this template for your next

Weekly Marketing Meeting

Many of our team meeting agenda templates start by celebrating wins, and the weekly marketing meeting is no exception. Why? Because sharing good news kicks your session off with positivity and momentum. Was there a recent PR win? A day with a lot of website traffic? Has a customer agreed to do a case study? Share and share alike!

Then, by always setting aside time to review goals and KPIs, this marketing meeting agenda ensures a data-driven approach to planning. Even the most brilliant marketing ideas need to be validated with data. But don't let your weekly meetings get too bogged down by reviewing every metric. Focus on looking at data that could actually impact your strategy or planning.

Weekly Marketing Meeting

For the roundtable portion of the marketing meeting template, each attendee should update the agenda in advance with a few bullet points summarizing their recap from last week and priorities for the upcoming week. This will help the meeting run more efficiently and allows the meeting agenda and meeting notes to be useful even to people who cannot attend.

The last significant section of the meeting is specifically to tackle challenges as a team. Here, don’t hold back. Whether an initiative is blocked by another team member or external forces, sharing how you are stuck will enable the team to take action and help.

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