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Hugo — Digital notetaking app for meetings, notes, and tasks

A notetaking tool for better meetings. Use online in your browser and in iOS on your iPhone
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Why Hugo is the best notetaking app for meetings:


It’s calendar-based. Take notes for meetings in your Google or Office 365 Calendar


It’s collaborative. Enjoy multi-user note editing in real-time


It’s integrated. Send notes and tasks to 20+ popular apps


It’s automatically-organized. Find any meeting note in seconds


It’s Slack-friendly. Share notes and get reminders in chat

Great teams take notes with Hugo

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For meetings, I’ve moved off of Evernote where I had lots of stacks and notebooks. Hugo is much simpler because the calendar connection organizes everything for me.
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Reminders, templates and agendas for easy meeting prep

Agenda templates and timely reminders help you build better notetaking habits without much effort.
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For the meeting itself — the actual oomph is in the notes. It's an alignment moment even before the meeting starts.
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Tasha Gideon

Find any note, decision, or task in seconds

Hugo auto-organizes your notes online by attendees, companies, and meeting details. Search notes using multiple variables to find exactly what you need.
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Hugo helps me daily. When someone asks me something like ‘I can’t remember but did we make a decision to do x a few weeks ago?’ I can just search my meeting notes to find the answer in less than 30 seconds.
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Tom Wells
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Collaborative notetaking, sharing and access

Set agendas and take notes by yourself or with your team. In one click, share relevant notes with others. Everyone feels like they were in the room, regardless of digital distance.
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Everyone can contribute to the agenda ahead of time, collaborate live during the meeting, post in Slack, create tasks, and send a link to the notes for the customer too – without leaving Hugo.
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Thom Swanson
Balti Virtual
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Meeting notetaking that connects with your work tools

How people like you manage meetings with Hugo

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A fast and easy notetaking app for meetings

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I love the fact that it syncs with my calendar so that when I have a meeting, I just click on it and start typing right away... You've made what is quite a complicated process for me under the hood, a very simple workflow.
Cassandra Medley
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