Before your meeting...

Get notified and nudged so you're always prepared

Receive a daily email to see and set agendas for your meetings. Get messaged in Slack to take notes. Send a task for others to review materials before your session.

Start agendas with one-click templates

Your template library starts with agenda templates for many kinds of meetings. Customize templates or create agendas from scratch.

See notes from similar meetings to connect the dots

Maybe it’s a recurring meeting. Maybe it was your latest chat with a client. Whatever the reason, if you've had a similar meeting before, Hugo puts those notes at your fingertips.
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Hugo is our go-to tool to prepare agendas, take notes, and action takeaways for every customer or internal team meeting. Preparation for every meeting is streamlined and sharing notes, assigning tasks and wider customer collaboration is a breeze.
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During your meeting...

Collaborate on notes with internal and external teams

With one shared meeting note, you have a single source of truth for each meeting. Whether it is with your team, or clients, customers, and contractors, everyone can see what was decided.

Send tasks and notes to your favorite tools

No more copying/pasting from your notes to your CRM, project tools, and to-do lists. Sync entire notes or individual tasks without switching tabs or screens.
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When Hugo arrived, we suddenly had a common platform that allowed us to share customer success activity occurring across the team.
Crick Waters
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After your meeting...

Find any meeting note, decision, or task in seconds

Notes are automatically indexed based on attendee, company name, meeting name, tags, and words in the meeting note. Unlike with folders, emails, and chat logs, Hugo notes never get lost.

Share your notes with customers and partners

Keep everyone aligned on what took place and what the next steps are. Share notes publicly (no log-in) or privately, your choice.

Organized feeds and shares for when you couldn't make the meeting

See what your team is doing. Catch up on meetings from another time zone. Pick up with a customer where someone else left off. Know what happened, regardless of if you were at the meeting.
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Without Hugo, I would lose visibility into what other people’s meetings were like, and who's responsible for following up. It just pulls all the threads together.
Bala Chandran
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Connect your meetings with your work tools

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Given where I work (Partnerships at Zapier), I always look to see what an app is integrated with. Hugo was integrated with almost all of the apps we use. And they also have a Zapier integration which is great because now I can automate a lot of the manual tasks that come with meetings.
Nick Valuri
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