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Your calendar, notes, and tasks. Effortlessly organized. All in one place.

Sync your calendar
Your Google or Office 365 calendar syncs with your Hugo calendar. That means all your meetings are ready for you as soon as you sign up.
Manage meetings
Create events. Invite attendees. And add Zoom links directly from your Hugo calendar. Now you can manage your calendar, notes, and tasks in one central place — while everything stays synced with your Google or Office 365 calendar.
Michelle Su

I felt like I came to Hugo meetings a lot more prepared and a lot less stressed. We've really kicked disorganization out of our meetings.

Michelle Su

Be more prepared.
With less effort.

Team Meeting Templates
Start prepping with one-click templates
Simply click on a meeting and choose your favorite template. Get access to 100+ templates you can customize. Or start with a blank meeting doc to jot down your notes.
Interactive Team Meetings
Share your agenda with attendees
Let others add their notes and topics — even if they don’t have a Hugo account. Collaborate on your meeting doc so everyone shows up ready to make the most of your time.
Review notes from past meetings
Pull up notes from similar meetings in one click. Import past notes into your new meeting doc to ensure every meeting covers new ground. No more going in circles. No more “didn’t we talk about this last time?”
Team Meeting Templates
Interactive Team Meetings
Magda Pereira

There's a cost to show up to a meeting unprepared. You look unprofessional, and you waste time. Hugo gives us an easy, structured way to prepare for meetings. And it makes me feel better knowing that my team isn't showing up to important calls unprepared.

Magda Pereira

Document the important stuff

Capture notes, decisions, and action items
Take notes. Highlight decisions. Add images. Create tasks for action items. And don’t be surprised if you finish early thanks to that meeting prep.
Collaborate in real time
Let everyone record their notes and tasks in the same place. That way, everything is documented, visible, and centralized.
Wes Galliher

Hugo helps us stick to our agendas and finish meetings on time. We know that everything’s been captured and that we’ll be able to find what we need later.

Wes Galliher

Make it easy for everyone to take action

Share Meetings
Share notes and decisions
Share your meeting doc through Hugo or Slack. Use comments and mentions to keep follow-up discussions in one place. You can even share with attendees who don’t have a Hugo account.
Assign and track tasks
Assign and track tasks through Hugo. Or through Asana, Trello, Todoist, ClickUp, GitHub, Jira, or any project management tool that connects to Zapier.
Sync meeting details to other apps
Log meetings, attendees, and notes in your CRM. Share and collaborate through Slack. Create tickets in your support tools. And integrate with other apps to get your meeting info wherever you need it.
Share Meetings
Mikus Krams

Hugo helps keep each other accountable when it comes to following through on action items. Everyone knows what everyone else is supposed to do, so there’s no confusion.

Mikus Krams

Stay organized, prepared, and aligned

Find notes and tasks in seconds
Hugo auto-organizes your notes and tasks so you don’t have to. Search by attendee, company, notes, tasks, tags, and more.
Bring structure to your meeting workflow
Create and customize templates that ensure consistency in the way you run meetings — from prep to follow up.
Stay informed about unattended meetings
See notes, decisions, and tasks from the meetings you miss. With centralized notes, you can attend fewer meetings, make seamless customer handoffs, and bring new hires up to speed faster.
Faryn Roy

Everyone’s taking much better notes now. We didn’t tell them to. I think Hugo just naturally improves note-taking habits because it makes it so much easier.

Faryn Roy

You’re less than 2 minutes away
from more productive meetings

  • Easy setup: your calendar(s) are automatically synced at sign up
  • Connect your calendar(s) to meeting notes and tasks
  • Streamline your meeting workflow
  • Search and filter to find notes in seconds
  • Integrate with 20+ tools including Slack and Salesforce
  • Assign tasks through Asana, Trello, Todoist, Jira and more
  • Use the Chrome extension for rapid meeting prep
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Try all features for FREE with unlimited users for 30 Days
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