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Centralized, searchable meeting notes that connect with BlueJeans and 20+ of your favorite tools.

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Meetings should drive action,
not disappear into docs

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When too many meetings are a waste of time

Hours of discussion, and yet only a fraction of things get decided, assigned, and done ...

You try keeping scattered notes and recording calls

But you end up with isolated docs and gigs of audio that no one else can find ...

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Collaboration should be easy, but instead you're always copying

— and pasting notes and tasks into emails, chat, your CRM and project tools ...

Connect BlueJeans calls into hectic meeting workflows with Hugo

How does BlueJeans integrate with Hugo?

Join BlueJeans calls directly from Hugo in one click and take meeting notes in Hugo alongside your BlueJeans call.
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Hugo connects the way you meet to the way you work

Unite your meeting notes with the tools you use most

With #tagging, @mentions, and 20+ integrations, instantly sync info and create tasks from any meeting note.
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Make sure everyone shows up prepared

Agenda templates and timely reminders help ensure all meetings are set up for success.
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Searchable meeting notes based on your calendar

Hugo automatically indexes your notes by the people and companies at every meeting.
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Why Connected Meeting Notes?

Connect notes with the people and software
in your organization.

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Cross-functional teams trust Hugo with their meetings workflow

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