Better meetings and team alignment – free for small teams
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Link notes and tasks to meetings in your calendar
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Multi-user document editing
in real-time
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Send notes and tasks to 20+ popular apps
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Auto organized

Find meeting insights in seconds
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Share, @mention teammates and get reminders
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Free for small teams

With a paid option to grow or get premium features
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For small teams starting to optimize their meetings
Get Hugo for Free
Up to 10 users
Unlimited docs
Unlimited tasks
Doc reactions
Private templates
Basic integrations
Hugo basic integrations include Google Chrome, Google Meet, Google Suite, Office 365, Slack, Todoist, Trello and Zoom.
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Access to Hugo's template library
For larger organizations where
meeting productivity is
critical to success
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Everything in Pro
Unlimited users
Form fields
Add form fields to your docs to collect structured data that you can analyze and connect to other tools.
Calendar insights
Receive regular analysis of your team's meeting activity, with actionable insights to improve meeting efficiency
Doc lock & activity logs (soon)
Maintain a feed of team meetings, notes and tasks for easy oversight and knowledge sharing
Roles, permissions & admin tools
Admin-level controls of apps, notifications and sharing settings and appropriate access levels for members of the team
Customer success manager
Implementation and user training
Additional compliance and security
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Hugo is the app that's had the single biggest influence on the way we work. I'm prepared for every meeting, everyone's on the same page and my tools are all in sync.
Christiannah Oyedeji
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Great teams trust Hugo

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Easy to use and packed with features

For your team

Edit notes at the same time as others

#tags and @mentions to keep everyone in sync

Reporting and calendar analytics for insight into team meeting activity

One central place for meeting notes that are otherwise scattered and get lost

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We’ve probably reduced non-billable hours in meetings by ~20%, whether they’re for client work or just general alignment. The way Hugo makes our meetings efficient cannot be understated.
Tasha Gideon
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Frequently asked questions

Do I need a team to use Hugo?

You don’t need a team to get started, but the value of Hugo increases as your team grows. Invite others to collaborate on meeting agendas, share notes, and receive the benefit of centralized meeting notes and agendas.

How do I add more users/teammates?

Once your Hugo account is ready, simply click on your profile picture and use the Invite Teammates action. Alternatively, your profile comes with a unique invite link you can email or post in chat.

Who can I share my meeting notes with?

You can share meeting notes with anyone. That includes people both inside and external to your organization, as well as other Hugo users at your company. Hugo offers many levels of sharing for every level of privacy.

Beyond sharing, there are many additional benefits if your team members are Hugo users too. If you want to collaborate on meeting notes for example or be able to @mention team members in notes, they will need to be Hugo users.

How does Hugo protect my privacy and data?

We invest heavily in security and privacy infrastructure, ensuring that your data is behind firewalls, encrypted and only accessible to your team (and members of your team based on the permissions you set). We are also GDPR compliant, Privacy Shield certified and expect to be SOC 2 certified shortly.

You can read more about our security processes and infrastructure in our Security Center.

Do you offer discounts for non-profits?

Yes, we do. It's our small way to thank you for the work you do. Just provide more details here, and we'll be in touch.

Can I try the Pro plan for free?

Yes. We offer a 30 day free trial of Hugo Pro, with everything included. After your trial, you can choose to downgrade to the free plan or pay to continue using Hugo Pro.

What makes Hugo different from other note-taking apps?

With a deep bench of third party integrations, Hugo works with the rest of your software stack so that information from meetings can be pushed out to other tools.

Hugo uses your calendar as a source of truth for who you and your team are meeting. Instead of using a system of folders like other note apps, Hugo will store your notes against the people attending your meetings and the companies that they work for.

Hugo doesn't replace your existing tools. The value of Hugo is that it connects all the tools your team is already using for meeting process. For meeting notes, Hugo will beat your generic, personal note-taking tool or notebook and will complement department-specific solutions like your CRM. Hugo is better at ensuring meeting information breaks through departmental silos and that the information actually gets actioned - right in the apps used by different departments in your business.

You don’t have an integration I need. Will Hugo still work?

Absolutely. Hugo makes your meeting notes shareable, accessible and searchable without integrations. Having said that, our Zapier integration means you can connect Hugo to 1,000+ other apps, even if we don't support a direct integration. You can learn more here or request an integration.

How many team members do I need using Hugo?

Hugo team members are able to connect their calendars, contribute to agendas, write meeting notes and share and action insights with the rest of the team. They can also use the Hugo web application to browse and search for meeting insights across contacts, companies or #tags. We, therefore, recommend inviting anyone in your business that attends meetings or would get value from other team members' meeting notes to your Hugo team.

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Meetings managed so well, your team will thank you

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There’s a couple of people who don’t like trying new tools. One agreed to try Hugo and within 15 minutes I got a message saying, ‘I don’t know why I waited so long, this is awesome!’
Tanner Webber