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Meeting note software for modern teams

Centralize meeting knowledge

One place to store all of your team's meeting knowledge so that nothing falls through the cracks.

If you're growing your team, use five apps or 50, operate on one timezone or 10 - everyone is on the same page and can push meeting insights to the right people, in the tools they need.
Notes stored against meeting attendees
Automated meeting preparation
One place for all meeting notes
Data on how your team spends their time

Turn insight into action

Create Engineering tickets in Jira, Marketing tasks in Asana, Product requests in Trello or Sales updates in Salesforce, directly from your Hugo notes.

Now you can close the gap between insight and action, and turn your notes into work for other teams in the tools that they use every day.
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Hugo integrates with more than 20 of your team's apps - see the full list.

Update those who weren't in the room

Keep everyone on the same page, without them having to be in the room.

Post important notes to your team in Slack, or mention someone in a snippet to bring them up to speed. Hugo's connected notes means customer-centricity for the whole business.
Research shows that only 25% of employees feel their company is good at sharing knowledge and 47% think meetings are a waste time.

Centralized Meeting Knowledge

One place for your business' most valuable customer insights
Sync Your Calendar
Write Collaborative Notes
Turn Insight into Action
Share Notes via Slack
Frequently asked questions

Will I pay more for some features?

No! Every team gets the full Hugo experience, with all features included. Hugo's free plan includes the same features, integrations and support that the paid tiers include.

How many team members do I need using Hugo?

Hugo team members are able to connect their calendars, contribute to agendas, write meeting notes and share and action insights with the rest of the team. They can also use the Hugo web application to browse and search for meeting insights across contacts, companies or #tags. We therefore recommend inviting anyone in your business that attends meetings or would get value from other team members' meeting notes to your Hugo team.

Is there any commitment? Can I cancel at any time?

All of our monthly plans can be cancelled at any time. Just let us know and we'll stop billing you from the next billing cycle.

Is it cheaper to pay yearly?

Yes! For teams greater than 10, contact us if you would like to pay yearly and receive a 10% discount on your monthly cost.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. For teams larger than 100 seats we can also provide an invoice and accept check and ACH payments.

How do you charge for new team members?

If you add members to your team during a month, we'll automatically prorate the monthly charge for the new user in that month's bill.

More questions? Contact us!

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