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Meetings are disconnected from how work happens


Every meeting should be a moment of team alignment


Key points, decisions, and tasks need to reach the right people in the right tools. Yet after most meetings, notes are siloed


Doing this right requires copying and pasting all sorts of information to many apps you use for work


Otherwise, important meeting outputs are lost, and you end up meeting about the meeting to realign

Integrate meetings with your calendar, CRM, project tools, and more

Send meeting notes and tasks to your favorite apps

Connect your meeting notes, takeaways and tasks to the 20+ tools your team uses everyday. Make sure nothing falls between the cracks by passing decisions and tasks to your CRM, project tools, and more.

Reminders, templates and agendas for easy prep

Get notifications to set an agenda. Prepare with best-practice templates or your own. Collaborate on shared agendas and sync with your calendar.

Share tasks and takeaways with teammates and the people you meet

Prepare together. Take notes together. Follow up together. By centralizing your meetings process, everyone feels like part of a unified team, regardless of their location.

One place for centralized, organized meeting notes

Hugo shares and centralizes notes so you don’t have to go to every meeting. Through Hugo and your connected apps, save time and still be in the know.
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We have Hugo connected to Slack, Hubspot, Github, Jira and Zoom. I will never forget the moment when I took my first meeting note in Hugo. It was if all of my team and apps were in the meeting with me.
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