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The 4-hour meeting week and 25 other secrets
from innovative, fast-moving teams

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10X Culture is the best shortcut you can take in your team’s journey toward a winning culture . . . It can be read in an afternoon but you'll be re-reading it for the rest of your life.
Eric S. Yuan, Founder & CEO at

Culture can break your team.
It can also unleash it.

From the lessons of innovators like Zoom and Atlassian to the feats of human potential like the Apollo moon landing, learn the secrets to remarkable teamwork.

10X Decision-Making

Learn how to empower decisions to strengthen the quality and tempo of everything you do

10X Leadership

Discover how the best leaders use their role to lift up the entire team.

10X Results

Craft your work environment so that everyone is motivated, productive, and filled with purpose.
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10X Culture exposes a mindset . . . how to unlearn bad works habits, and relearn how to relate to each other . . . how culture can take your team from exceptional, to extra exceptional.
Megha Narayan, Global Head of Brand at

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Table of Contents At-a-Glance



By Eric Yuan
Founder & CEO, ZOom
Part I

Pillars of a 10x Culture

  1. “Don’t f*#k up the culture”
  2. Heart of a 10X team
Part II

10x Decision-Making

  1. Cultivate a shared consciousness
  2. Keep a shared decision log
  3. Accelerate knowledge transfer
  4. Increase your OODA loop tempo
  5. Create a culture where failure isn’t punished
  6. Use vulnerability as a team-building supercharger
Part III

10X Leadership

  1. Use the language to shape realities
  2. Practice improvisational leadership
  3. Reframe managers as coaches & cultural guardians
  4. Give objectives, not plans
  5. Vary your perspective
Part IV

10X Customers

  1. Customer insights are no-longer nice to know
  2. The culture of customer tradeoffs
  3. Can tech-touch be high-touch?
Part V

10X Meetings

  1. The one thing Steve Jobs says every meeting needs
  2. The 4-hour meeting week
  3. When the best ideas win
  4. The glue that holds meetings and work together
  5. The Jerk, the Slacker, and the Downer
Part VI

10X Remote

  1. A new lens for remote work
  2. When good enough is not enough
  3. The human factor to communication
  4. How being remote changes time and space
Part VII

10X Talent

  1. The people of a 10X team
  2. Personality and introspection
  3. Update your perspective on retrospectives


  1. Conclusion
  2. Resources
  3. About the Authors
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Are you ready to learn how the greatest teams thrive against all odds?

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